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Guide To Swimming Spots in Lincoln, New Hampshire

When the mercury is climbing towards triple digits, it’s time to cool off in one of Mother Nature’s swimming spots in the White Mountains! Even with a higher elevation and a fresh mountain breeze, the days can get steamy in Lincoln. To combat the heat and the humidity, take a dip in one of the many swimming holes in the western White Mountains.

This blog post is part of “The Guide to Summer Activities In The White Mountains” blog series.

Cascade Park


Located in North Woodstock, Crystal Park is beside the town visitor’s center and across from the Cascade Lodge. Follow the brick pathway down to the popular Cascade Falls where there are tons of smooth rocks and cascading water on Pemi Brook.

Cascade Falls is another local favorite and you’ll often spot families and kids playing in the cool water after dinner at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery. Many kids will bring inner tubes and use the smooth rocks as slides and chutes for even more fun. Please remember to carry out all your trash as there have been some issues lately.   


Georgiana Falls


Georgiana Falls is a little-known hiking and swimming hole near Hanson Farm Road in Lincoln. The hike is a relatively easy dirt 1.6-mile out-and-back trail. Once you’ve reached the 30-foot waterfall, you’ll be rewarded with a cool little swimming hole at the base of the falls. While the water might not be deep enough to take a proper swim in the middle of the summer, the cool rushing water is perfect for dipping your feet in while enjoying a little picnic in nature.


Franconia Falls

Located three miles from town, Franconia Falls is well worth the relatively easy hike. Perfect for families with active children, Franconia Falls offers two natural waterslides that will yield lots of laughs and scream of joy from children of all ages, including adults. The best slide is located near the base of the falls and is approximately 20 feet in length. Just place your bottom in the chute, give yourself a little push, and you’ll splash into a seven-foot-deep pool after a whirlwind slide through the smooth rock. It’s important to note that when the water is too high, the conditions can be unsafe, so take a moment to check the turbulence in the pool below the falls. The safest swimming hole is about 400 feet upstream of the main falls. It’s a deep pool with generally quiet water for even the most timid swimmers. Please remember to never leave your kids unattended while swimming. Safety first!


the basinThe Basin

Located in Franconia Notch State Park, The Basin is a large pothole in the Pemigewasset River measuring 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep. Formed over 25,000 years ago during the last Ice Age by melting glaciers, Henry David Thoreau once stood watching the water cascade into the pool in 1839. Today you can access the swimming hole by a short hike. The water is always clear and refreshing on a hot summer day.


Kayaking the Pemi

action-adventure-boat-1682744The Pemigewasset River, named from the Abenaki word for “where side (entering) current is,” is a 65 miles river that runs from Profile Lake in Franconia Notch through Lincoln until it joins the Winnipesaukee River in Franklin. The Pemi as it is locally called has many swimming holes amongst its two branches, like Lady’s Bathtub, but you can often experience the cool water in other spots along the river by kayak or canoe. If you don’t have your own kayak or canoe, you can rent or take a tour with Art’s Outdoor Outfitters or Outback Kayak.  


RiverWalk Resort Swimming Pools


Of course, you can’t miss the famous RiverWalk Resort pools. The Resort is home to two pools and two hot tubs. The smaller upper deck pool starts inside the Resort and continues outside where you can find the hot tub at the end. The lower pool is a large lagoon style pool that turns into an ice skating rink in the winter. Both pools are heated year-round, so if the Pemi is too cold for a swim, then the pool is the perfect place to cool off.

This blog post is part of “The Guide to Summer Activities In The White Mountains” blog series.

With a variety of swimming spots in the greater Lincoln area, you’ll easily find the perfect swimming hole or pool to take a dip and cool off on a hot summer day.


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