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Join the Club (the Seven Birches Wine Club)


As RiverWalk Resort works to expand its already extraordinary offerings, there has never been a better time to join the 1,200-member-strong Seven Birches Wine Club! 

If you’ve visited RiverWalk previously, you’ve probably made your way to the existing tasting room at the end of the hall on the first floor past the front desk and LaVista. This beautiful space has been a mainstay in the resort for years, but with the expansion, it’s about to get an upgraded spot with even more offerings including beverage options from Rhythm Cider. The Seven Birches Winery’s expansion to RiverWalk’s West Wing in early summer 2024 is part of the larger Expanding Extraordinary work, which you can read more about here

Ready to learn about the Seven Birches Wine Club’s benefits and details? Great! So are we!


The Benefits

While Seven Birches Winery itself is open to the public, there are many member-specific benefits that the Seven Birches Wine Club offers. 

First of all, it’s free! Unlike some wine clubs with many restrictions and costs, joining the Seven Birches Wine Club is always free. In addition, it’s virtually maintenance-free. All you have to do to maintain your membership is purchase a minimum of 12 bottles in 12 months.

The club also has incredible members-only discounts. For example, when you register as a new member in the tasting room,  you’ll receive 25% off. Joining will earn you 15% off all in-store wine purchases and you will also receive special club discounts on online wine purchases. Finally, membership means that you’ll also get exclusive offers and promotions!

Did we mention that there are club tiers that offer complimentary tastings and other great benefits? There are! If you like tastings and enjoy being the first to try something new, you’ll love being able to gain exclusive access to Seven Birches' pre-released wines! 

Most importantly though, the Seven Birches Wine Club is a fully-realized wine and culture experience. “Most wine clubs are single-dimension, wine of the month, subscription programs. The Seven Birches Wine Club is multifaceted. Belonging to the Seven Birches Wine Club is more like belonging to a country club, travel club, activity club and wine club all rolled into one membership,” said Seven Birches Winery’s Owner, Mark LaClair.


Culture, Travel and Events

Membership in the Seven Birches Wine Club also earns you access to fun, fresh community culture experiences. 

To begin with, you’ll be sent Invitations to special events at the winery during the year and will have access to Saturday night “After Hours” in the winery’s club lounge.

The Seven Birches Wine Club also opens members up to travel opportunities. In their recent newsletter, Seven Birches Winery called out their upcoming July excursion –The (sold out!) Rhine River Cruise Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands), which was offered at a steeply discounted rate for members. 

What other wine club offers that?

“Off-site events like winemakers' dinners and winery visits are another way to participate in the club. One of the greatest benefits of the club is access to our travel program. As a club, we travel around the world sharing with each other different cultures, different sites and of course, different wines. Our club participates in local activities too, like the 5k wine run, the Jingle Bell Winery Tour and other fun excursions,” said LaClair. 


The Reviews Are In!

Visitors and members alike love Seven Birches Winery. Here are just some of the kudos they’ve received.

“I'm not a wine connoisseur but I felt that this place provided a positive and delightful experience. I took my sister here to celebrate her birthday and she had a fantastic time!

We did the wine tasting and tried the sample platter with cheese and salami. Both were yummy and we all agreed we would come here again on our next vacation. My only regret is that we didn't find this place sooner!” –Jennifer R., Google 

“This was my first wine tasting experience, everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. I had a great time learning about the process of making wine, cider and seltzer’s and being able to try them. I will be going back, I highly recommend visiting!” –Nila E., Facebook

“NH wine at its finest! Had a nice selection of wines to sample and our guide was very knowledgeable, quick witted and friendly. Wines are only sold on location however can be shipped anywhere. Fun time!” –Wendy C., TripAdvisor

“Five stars for Seven Birches Winery!  The service we received from Joce was top-tier.  She was friendly and knowledgeable!  This place has good wines and uses local products. Stop in for a wonderful experience and don't forget to join the wine club for discounts!” –Maranda B., Google

Wouldn’t you want to stay connected to a winery with this level of praise?


How it Works

Seven Birches Winery offers membership in the District of Columbia and over thirty U.S. states. You can check to see if your state is on the list here.

After you check to see if your area is currently being serviced (by the way, if your home isn’t on the list, you can still pick wine releases up in person), it’s time to select the best wine for your tastes. You can choose from Variety, Mostly Whites and Mostly Reds depending on what you prefer. 

Based on your selection, they’ll send you wine with the tasting notes outlined lovingly by the winemakers. Getting your favorite wines is simple when you’re a member of the Seven Birches Wine Club! Beyond signing up and making your initial choices, all you need to do is wait for it to arrive. Isn’t that easy?


Tiering Up

While the base level is free for everyone to join, tiering up is seriously beneficial depending on how much wine you plan to purchase. Here’s how tiering works:

The annual volume of your purchases will dictate your tier. You may land at Base Tier, Silver, Gold or Platinum, but don’t worry, there’s no commitment beyond the purchase of the twice-yearly release purchases. The levels are just structured around the amount you spend.

Enhanced Benefits for 2024

As of January 1, 2024, enhanced benefits are in place for Seven Birches Wine Club members. Beyond tiering, they include: 

You will earn loyalty points for each dollar you spend, no matter where (online or in-person) that can be redeemed for wine purchases at some point in the future. You will also get bonus points in January because they want to celebrate your continued time in the club!


Good to Knows

The Lounge

In their December 15, 2023 update, they showed a preview of their future Seven Birches Wine Club Lounge and all we can say is “wow” because you’re going to want to attend events there.

“Our club lounge is essentially our ‘country club’ and when members visit, they are treated like royalty. They have their own room, geared to relaxing and sharing time with friends and wine. We host on-site events, such as our release parties and murder mystery dinner,” said LaClair.  


We mentioned that they’re currently working on a European wine excursion, but it doesn’t stop there! Seven Birches Winery is already planning a French Wine Country River Cruise in Burgundy, Beaujolais and Provence in the fall of 2025.

And there’s no shortage of trips on the horizon for this club! “Plans are underway for trips to Long Island, New York, Quebec City and the Pacific Northwest, all of which include wine and cider as its base theme,” said LaClair.


Visit, sip and sign up

If you’re on the fence, we recommend you stop into the current tasting room for a $20, five-sample experience. If you like what you taste (and we think you will), sign up! 

*Please note that on March 4, 2024, the Seven Birches Winery Tasting Room in RiverWalk Resort will be closing so that they can prepare for their move. After that date you can try out their sister location, the Rhythm Studio which will have Seven Birches Wine and Rhythm Cider available to try and buy.

The Seven Birches Winery is a wonderful option to try a wide group of wines, get discounts, have social experiences and it’s ideal for all kinds of people. “The Seven Birches Wine Club is perfect for wine-lovers in general, since they receive at least 12 bottles/year at a discount. But, it’s also great for those that come to the White Mountains periodically on vacation, as our club lounge and in-house benefits give the members a welcome retreat. 

“Of course, if you love to travel, then our club is a perfect way to have trips planned for you, at very good pricing and see the world with others that have a similar interest. Some people simply like the discounts (10-25% off) they get on their favorite locally-made wines. 

There is something for everyone. We have some club members that don't even like wine (they give that away), they are in it for all of the other perks, especially the travel,” said LaClair.

You can find even more details about the Seven Birches Wine Club here. Enjoy!

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