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The White Mountains: A Perfect Choice for Your Next Event

The White Mountains region is renowned for many things – hiking, snowsports, swimming in natural pools (like Diana’s Bath), stay-and-play-style resorts, and so much more, but have you ever considered hosting a conference or event here? It’s a perfect choice and we’ll give you ten reasons why. 


1. Location, Location, Location

The White Mountains have a distinct advantage over other event spots and that is driveability. 

From Boston, Massachusetts, you can get here in just under two hours. From Providence, Rhode Island, it’s a little under three. And from Portland, Maine, it’s just a bit over two hours away. 

This beautiful, centrally located New Hampshire area is perfect for companies with multi-state teams or other geographically segmented groups as everyone can make the trip easily. 


2. Plenty of Room

The White Mountains are already a destination, so if you are considering hosting a multi-day conference or event where attendees need to book places to stay, this is a top place to do just that. 

For instance, at RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain, we have 66 units to offer presently, and in 2024 will have 66 additional luxury units


3. Wine & Dine

While you won’t be romancing anyone at a conference or big event, choosing a location with a fabulous restaurant is just good business. 

Have you been meaning to take that key client out to thank them for their continued business while hopefully opening the door to a future, increased partnership? Trust us when we say, the White Mountains and its many exciting dining experiences are the way to do it right. 

4. Bonding Activities

When you work 40 hours a week at a job or when you’ve been heads down in a project for months with the same people, it’s important to spend some time bonding in a more personal way to increase camaraderie. 

If a conference or large-scale event is in your future, consider a location with a myriad of skiing and other snowsport opportunities in their backyard. Even colleagues who don’t ski will enjoy a tubing experience, snowshoeing, or simply lodge life! You can even pre-create itineraries for different types of attendees. This option will make everyone feel included and seen.


5. A Change of Scenery

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what’s needed to spark new ideas. The White Mountains region is an inspiring experience that helps create lifelong memories for everyone – wouldn’t you like your event attendees to leave with those feelings and memories as well? 

Who knows? This kind of trip might be just the ticket to bring about a massive epiphany that could make everyone more successful. 

6. A Natural Theme

Lots of work goes into choosing themes for conferences and events, but the White Mountains are a theme unto themselves. The ideas “outdoor adventure”, “peak performance”, and “a breath of fresh air” are just some ideas that can be leveraged for a wide array of companies and groups. 


7. After Work Enjoyment

Who says an event or conference has to be completely focused on work or the specific subject you gathered to discuss? Of course, the topic and event itself are important, but in this region, the after hours are just…a little more fun. 

Who wouldn’t love to spend the night somewhere that they can enjoy the great outdoors (and indoors) in so many ways? Before the event or after the doors close (and depending on where they’re staying), White Mountains event attendees can…

riverwalk entryway

8. Extendable Stays

While it’s not an obvious benefit to hosting an event in a certain location, some people like to extend their stay at certain venues beyond the conference or event date so that they can include their loved ones. 

Adventurous, group-friendly locations are ideal for this kind of option. It may not benefit your bottom line directly, but consider how happy your employees would be to learn that the location of the event corresponds directly with one that they’d like to take their family to the weekend after it ends. 

We live in a time where avoiding burnout and increasing morale are more important than ever. Consider this choice your way of helping support the mental and physical health of your attendees.

9. Space to Create the Atmosphere

If your event is less corporate and more performance-based, certain event locations and spaces can be more appealing to potential ticket buyers. 

Big-time comedians and their supporting acts (or a weekend comedy festival), musical performances such as dueling pianos, and other date-night or friends-night events can be sold much easier if paired with the right destination. 

riverwalk event

10. Fresh Opportunity

While there is currently a shortage of large-scale event spaces in the White Mountains, it won’t be like that forever. 

Our own General Manager, Renee Blood says, “The River Walk Resort at Loon Mountain is building our own Grand Ballroom as there aren’t many options in the area. Though the new event venue isn’t completed yet, we’ve already received many inquiries asking for details and availability. It’s one of the most anticipated future spots for events of all kinds – corporate, weddings, performances, and more.”

Our new Ballroom will be opening in Spring 2024. We hope you’ll consider us for your next event – we know you’ll love the experience that the River Walk Resort at Loon Mountain has to offer. 

riverwalk expanding



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