RiverWalk Resort Wins Prestigious Awards in 2017

Posted by Katelyn Michaud on Mar 13, 2018 9:20:24 AM
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In the RiverWalk Resort’s short life in Lincoln, New Hampshire, it has won several prestigious awards for its unique design and hospitality experience at this dream property. RiverWalk Resort developer, Dennis Ducharme, led the ambitious project with great creativity, vision, and passion. His vision has developed into a world-class resort nestled in the western White Mountains attracting guests from all over the world. The RiverWalk Resort prides itself on being innovative and looks forward to continuing its success for years to come.

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RiverWalk Resorts wins Prestigious ARDA Excellence Award

In March 2017, the RiverWalk Resort earned an ARDA Excellence Award. The ACE Domestic Project of Excellent Award is awarded annually to timeshare properties across the country that focus on efficient design, sustainability, impact on local communities, and day-to-day operations. RiverWalk Resort was nominated by RCI, one of RiverWalk’s affiliated exchange partners, for its high quality and exceptional hospitality experience from its well-thought-out historical design to friendly customer service staff and more. RiverWalk Resort developer, Dennis Ducharme, accepted the award at the ARDA Awards banquet in March.


RiverWalk Resort Wins 2017 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award 

In December 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers – New Hampshire Section (ASCE-NH) awarded the RiverWalk Resort with the 2017 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) Award. The OCEA Award is given annually to engineering projects that demonstrate excellence in engineering skills and process. The RiverWalk Resort sits on the site of the old Franconia Paper Mill, which was contaminated with products used in the papermaking process.

The RiverWalk Resort developed partnered with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), Aries Engineering, and Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, to clean up the site for the health of the local people and the environment. The RiverWalk Resort won the prestigious award for its unique and pioneering design and construction and environmental considerations and compatibility. Dennis Ducharme and Hoyle, Tanner & Associates accepted the award on behalf of the RiverWalk Resort at the January meeting of the ASCE-NH.   

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RiverWalk Resort Develop Receives Eileen Rice Outstanding Business Leader of the Year Award 

In 2015, Dennis Ducharme, RiverWalk Resort developer and President of InnSeason Resorts, was awarded the Eileen Rice Outstanding Business Leader of the Year Award by the Lincoln Woodstock Chamber of Commerce. Mark LaClair, the former Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, nominated Ducharme for the award because Ducharme had the vision, passion, and persistence to build a multi-stage luxury resort project “at the heels of a recession.” The award is meant to recognize a local community leader who goes above and beyond to make the Lincoln Woodstock area a better place. Ducharme does just that in this work with the RiverWalk Resort. 

This blog post is part of “The RiverWalk Guide to Ownership” blog series

As the RiverWalk Resort continues with its future expansion plans and growth, it looks forward to continuing being a leader in the hospitality industry in the western White Mountains.  

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