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How to Enjoy the Melting Snow this Spring

Spring officially begins in March in the New England states, and while most of us have been wishing, hoping, and praying for its entrance, something else tends to come with those spring flowers – melting snow and mud! 


But the spring melt doesn’t have to mean a lack of fun in the White Mountains region. On the contrary, there are many options for indoor and outdoor, mostly mess-free, activities right in our proverbial backyard (and literal one!) 

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Indoor Excitement

  1. Swim (and Soak) to Your Heart’s Content
    RiverWalk’s pool (we actually have a lagoon as well which will reopen for the season soon) and hot tubs (yes, plural) take fun and leisure to the next level. Going outside isn’t needed to enjoy time in the perfectly heated water. The upper deck begins inside and transitions outside, so it’s really the best of both worlds. Indoor, or outdoor, the choice is yours!

    Did we mention that we have an indoor hot tub that provides mountain views from the floor-to-ceiling windows? It’s true!

    Also, if you do want to be outside after your indoor or outdoor swim, consider strolling down the heated walkway around the upper deck to our outdoor crescent-shaped hot tub with space for 12!

  2. See the Sights
    Our prime location allows you to enjoy views from the hotel, with a whole lot less mud. As we mentioned, you can take in views from the windows near our indoor hot tub, but there are other ideal locations including your own room’s balcony. Anywhere you look, we’re surrounded by beauty.

  3. Go on a Picnic? Yes, Please!
    Ordering a charcuterie board from La Vista alongside some Seven Birches wine makes for an enviable indoor picnic right in your suite!

    Pro-Tip! While varieties change regularly, you can take a look at your wine options here.

  4. Play All Day
    Finding clean activities for kids during mud season can be a challenge. Why not pop over to the Kids Studio Play, which is located right next door to RiverWalk? They offer augmented reality spaces (two!), and padded floors for tumbling, along with 20 games suitable for kids ages 2-13. Trust us, it’s incredibly fun and it will let you have some adult time during your vacation. 


Outdoor Escapes

  1. Experience New Hampshire’s Maple Season
    Is there anything tastier than maple? We don’t think so. An extremely popular outdoor activity in early spring in the White Mountains region is the New Hampshire maple season, and in particular, The New Hampshire Maple Experience.

    This year’s Experience will run through early April, and costs $20 for adults, $18 for children (or $70 per family, with a maximum of two adults and two children), and includes two rides and tasting.

    Pro-Tip! You can watch a video and learn what to expect here.

  2. Visit the Local Hot Spots

    Staying warm and entertained is simple near the Resort! Here’s a whole list of places you can try…

Make the most of your spring by visiting beautiful upper New Hampshire. It’s the place to be for family, friends, and new connections in any season for any reason.

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